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My services with Audi
My Customer Experience Grade:

15K Routine Service & Check-up

Date: 10/6/2015-10/6/2015

Contact:  Cherry Hill Audi

CX Grade:  A-

5K Routine Service & Check-up

Date: 3/31/2015 - 4/2/2015

Contact:  Cherry Hill Audi

CX Grade:  A

A bit confusing looking service interval schedule, but it means get a service after 5K miles and then every 10K miles later

Summary:  My 5K service and check-up turned out to be more expensive than I thought.  Turns out that two of my tires had bubble in them - most likely from hitting potholes in the city of Philly.   The 5K service was at no charge but the two new tires and wheel repair wound up costing me around $1500.  Since the likelihood of this happening again in the city, I decided to go ahead and purchase the tire and wheel warranty.  Cherry Hill Audi was very professional and good to deal with.  I checked in at 8:34am on 3/31 and picked up my car at 6pm 4/2.   Audi also allowed me to use a loaner for the entire time.  I dealt with Jaime Glembocki, Business Manager 856-665-2212.  I am also a bit unsure whether it is the right front or left front tire that had an issue.  The Complimentary V.S. Inspection sheet says Right Front and Right Rear but the vehicle inspection sheet (yellow sheet) says Left Front, Right Rear.

Summary:  The service at Cherry Hill was good.  The reason for the A- is because the service department did not wash my car when they returned it to me.  They did however give me an I owe you for a full car detail as a make-up.  That was very nice of Audi, but since a car wash was part of their service promise, I brought the grade down to a A-.