Shortly after my purchase, I was welcomed to the Audi family.  It was a very welcoming experience.

After speaking with Chris Chapman, Audi Brand Specialist, we made a deal over the phone and made arrangements for me to pick up my new car on 8/22.  I took a train from Philadelphia to Lancaster and Chris picked me up at the train station.  We arrived at Autohaus and within an hour, I was driving home my new vehicle.  The entire experience as superb.

Purchase of Road Hazard Tire & Wheel

Date:  04/2/2015

Contact:  Cherry Hill Audi
CX Grade: 

Summary:  During the 5K routine service, Cherry Hill Audi indicated that the two tires were damaged from "potholes" and needed to be replaced.  They also made me aware of a warranty option I could purchase that would cover tire and wheel damage if it were to happen again.  I gladly purchased the warranty since I figured it would happen again.  It was a pleasant experience working with Cherry Hill Audi.

Purchase of 2015 A7 TDI Audi

Date:  08/22/2014

Contact:  Audi Lancaster

CX Grade: A+

Summary:  After using, I was contacted by many Audi dealers with offers regarding my request for a Black/Black Audi A7 TDI.  I found the car of my dreams at the Autohaus Lancaster dealership in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  

My purchases with Audi

My Customer Experience Grade:  A

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