1/7/2016 Called Audi America and indicated I have an issue with my brakes and the diesel emission issue.  The agent acknowledged my issues but said they could not do anything at this time.  The car is safe and that Audi is working on the issues.

     Audi America - 800 - 822 - 2834

12/22/2015 5:08pm  Called and left message about squeaky brakes

       Cherry Hill Audi - 856-665-5370

       2 minute call

3/23/2016 1:05pm  Rose from Audi USA Called about the squeaky brake issue and indicated that Cherry Hill Audi will be calling me within a couple days to schedule an appointment for me to get my brakes replaced.

       Audi USA - 248-754-3337

       2 minute call

My issues with Audi
My Customer Experience Grade:

12/23/2015 11:54am  Called and spoke with reception.  Manager indicated he would call back.

       Cherry Hill Audi - 856-665-5370

       2 minute call

3/25/2016 10:25am  Cherry Hill Audi manager called me and said they would like to schedule a time for me to have my car brakes replaced.  Finally!!!   We have it scheduled for 4/4/2016 at 7:45am. Also the March 24th Audi Deadline for a emission solution has been extended to 4/21/2016.  URHH.

       Cherry Hill Audi - 856-665-5370

       2 minute call

12/15/2015 2015 A7 TDI emission issue. Grade C  

3/5/19 Had a tire blow out.  Cherry Hill Audi was able to repair my car the same day and also noticed issues with other tires.   The warranty covered the majority of the expense.   Great CX experience!!

​4/04/2016 - I dropped the car off to get the brakes fixed.  I also gave them the I owe you to get my car detailed.  During my 15K service, Cherry Hill Audi did not wash my car, so the manager gave me a free car detailing as a make up.  I decided to cash it in during this visit.  The people were very friendly, but the new facility was under construction and the loaner car they gave me was a bit dirty, low on gas and had a broken control knob.  I'll write about it in my next blog.

Truth in Engineering?

12/23/2015 12:10pm  Manager called me back and apologized about not returning my prior calls.  He indicated that the phone system was not functioning and they have been losing messages for months.  He also checked my most recent service record and indicated that my brake pads have plenty of life left and that there is a know issue with the brake pads squeaking and that Audi Corporate was looking for a solution.  They would note it on my account and get back to me once a fix was found.  When asked about the emission issue, the manager referred me to the website and said Audi was looking for a solution. I stopped by the dealership and the manager reassured me that the car is safe to drive and Audi will shortly have a solution to both problems.

       Cherry Hill Audi - 856-665-5370 called my cell.

       8 minute call

3/21/2016 9:19am  After I was not getting any response from my calls and blogs, I decided to take it to social media.  I started with a couple tweets: 

Tweet 1

Tweet 2

Then a response to an Audi USA facebook video:

Audi Facebook post.

These triggered email and social responses.  I followed up with the following blog.

1/8/2016 morning: Called Audi America and spoke with Arron.  He confirmed that Audi is aware of both problems and that engineers are working on both issues.  Audi does not have a solution yet.  He said the dealers are aware of the issue as well.  He said as soon as the parts are released, they will be shipped to the dealers and affected customers will be contacted to get repaired.  He said brakes are wear and tear items only covered for 12 months/12K miles and I should have contacted Audi earlier.  I told him I did but have been told to wait till there is a solution.  Aron then transferred me to Veronica regarding the emission issue.  She indicated that at this time they do not have any information for the 3.0 TDI engines.  There are no Good Will Packages available yet to the 3.0 TDI engines.  The package is a $500 visa gift card, a $500 credit at a dealership and an additional 3 year roadside assistance for the 2.0 TDI engines.  Right now Veronica is just asking for our patience.  Both Arron and Veronica took my information to document the phone call.  She referenced the website audidieselinformation for me to keep checking for updated information.

    Audi America - 800 - 822 - 2834

​    18 minute call

1/26/2018 Cherry Hill provided the repair to the Diesel issue.  Great Experience with the service department.

11/14/2015 12:44pm  Called and left message about squeaky brakes

       Cherry Hill Audi - 856-665-5370

       3 minute call

12/21/2015 5:49pm  Called and left message about squeaky brakes

       Cherry Hill Audi - 856-665-5370

       3 minute call

After not hearing back from Audi, I began a blog.

11/10/2015 Brakes begin to squeak much worse. Grade: C 

4/04/2016 5:42pm Cherry Hill Audi called and let me know that they needed one more day to finish the car detailing.  No problem at all since it was raining and tomorrow is supposed to be nice.

     Cherry Hill Audi - 856-665-5370

​     1 minute call

4/10/2016  Audi President, Scott Keogh sent me another letter today about how they are working on a solution to the diesel emission issue and that I have not yet accepted the good will package.  They extended it to the summer now.  Are others accepting it?  Seems like a trap?

4/13/2016 1:27pm  Rose from Audi USA Called about the recent brake repair service to follow-up and make sure all went well.  I thanked her for calling and described the events from last visit (all good except for returning my keys/car to me).  I also brought discussed why I have not accepted the good will package due to some legal language in the small print about willingness to give up right for a jury trial if the diesel issue ever goes to court.  It was a great call and I can see Audi is genuinely trying to support it's customers.  Based on the pursuit to help, my CX overall grade is up to a C.  I can't go any higher until there is some kind of resolution that is acceptable regarding the diesel emission issue.

       Audi USA - 248-754-3337

       11 minute call

2/6/2016  Audi President, Scott Keogh sent me another letter today about how they are working on a solution to the diesel emission issue.

1/30/2016 2:57pm:  I called the Audi Lancaster dealership to inquire about buyback options since that is where I purchased my Audi.  I spoke with a manager and he indicated that he has diesels on his lot that he is not allowed to sell at this time and will not be able to do anything until Audi HQ resolves the issue with the U.S. Government.  He indicated that if he were to buy back my car at this time it would be at such a low price that it would not be worth my time.  He said the same thing that I have heard from Cherry Hill and from Audi America...Audi is aware of the issues I have with the brakes and the emissions and that they are working on fixes to both of the problems.  At this time there is really nothing I can do.

Lancaster Audi - 717-299-2801

16 minute call

4/05/2016 4:00pm  Picked up the car and it was a good experience.  They were mostly friendly until when the woman gave me my keys.  She said it has already been brought around and it will be outside.  I asked which side of the building and she said she thinks the west side, but if not, press the panic button on the key to listen for my car.  Turned out the car was on the east side and pretty far away.  It would have been nice to have the bring the car to me instead of me searching around the building and parking lot.  At least I got the brakes for free and a nice car detail.   Looks and sounds great.